Quest for Identity in The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison

Impact of Afro-American Folklore on Toni:

There is an extraordinary impact of Afro-American Folklore on Toni. The Afro-American Folklore is the premise for Morrison’s fiction, concerning most Black American Literature. Subjects like the mission for character, opportunity, the nature of malevolence and the capable verses of the frail got to be topics of Afro-American writing. This legends embodies the historical backdrop of Black and White communication in the United States furthermore typifies the opinions communicated in the Protest Literature. In her books, she goes much more profound into the very foundations of bigotry, sexism, and classism and uncovered the ideological premise of these malicious social shades of malice.

Prologue to ‘The Bluest Eye’:

The Bluest Eye is Toni Morrison’s first novel, a book proclaimed for its abundance of dialect and intensity of vision. Set in the creator’s girlhood main residence of Lorain Ohio, it recounts the account of dark eleven year old Pecola Breedlove. Pecola commended for her eyes to turn blue with the goal that she will be as delightful and darling as all the blondie, blue-looked at kids in America. The fundamental topic in this is the ‘journey for individual personality and the impact of the family and society in that mission.’ This topic is available all through the novel and clear in large portions of the characters. Along these lines, Pecola Breedlove, Cholly Breedlove, and Pauline Breedlove and all are exemplifications of this mission for personality, and additionally images of the journey of large portions of the Black Northern newcomers of that time. With a specific end goal to comprehend the above expressed topic of the novel the state of Blacks in America must be thought about.

Pecola’s Quest for Her Own Identity:

The Breedlove family is a gathering of individuals under the same rooftop, a family by name as it were. Cholly the head individual of the family is constantly smashed and an oppressive man. His harsh is obvious towards his better half and little girl. He mishandle his significant other Pauline physically and his little girl Pecola sexually. Pauline fills in as a “mammy” in a white family and wants to support them over her organic family. Pecola is somewhat dark young lady with low self-regard. The world had constrained her to trust that she is monstrous and she should have blue eyes, in the event that she needs to look wonderful. Accordingly, consistently she asks before dozing that she will wake up with blue eyes. She was raised as a poor undesirable young lady in the general public. Be that as it may, Pecola constantly sought the acknowledgment and affection for society. The picture of ‘Shirely Temple Beauty’ encompasses her. The possibility that she should have blue eyes, on the off chance that she needs to look lovely has been engraved on Pecola her entire life.

Pecola dependably considers, “on the off chance that I looked changed, excellent, possibly Cholly would be distinctive, and Mrs. Breedlove as well. Possibly they would say, “Why take a gander at entirely peered toward Pecola. We should not do awful things before those entirely blue eyes”. Therefore, she was frantic after blue eyes. Numerous components have engraved this perfect of excellence on her. She was constantly treated gravely by numerous individuals in her environment. Mr. Yacowbski abstains from seeing her and regards her as though she were undetectable. “He doesn’t see her, in light of the fact that for him there is nothing to see”. Her schoolmates likewise affect her. They assume that since she is not wonderful, there is nothing commendable in her, she is pointless. Along these lines, she turns into the point of convergence of their joke. They used to yell at her maxim “Dark e mo, dark e mo”. Children, as well as needed to ridicule at her. Geraldine, a white lady dependably declined to endure “niggers”. When, seeing Pecola in her home Geraldine began yelling at her, “You frightfully minimal dark bitch. Escape my home”. Accordingly, Pecola was never ready to make tracks in an opposite direction from this sort of mocking. At home likewise she needed to confront the same thing. One day Pecola was going to her mom at the home where she is working. Accidently there she thumped over a blueberry pie and smoldered by the hot baked good. In any case, Pecola’s mom totally disregarded her sentiments of torment and rather proceeded with the consoling of her white “girl”. For a young lady, the adoration for her mom is the most vital affection she can get. Be that as it may, this appetite of adoration was never satisfied by her mom. At long last, the assault by her dad is the last confirmation Pecola needs to accept totally that she is a terrible unlovable young lady.

For the most part, a father figure is one who young ladies look to for direction and endorsement, yet Cholly, Pecola’s dad is the precise inverse. Cholly harms Pecola gravely as opposed to adoring her and detracts from her the one thing that was totally hers. After the assault, Pecola was so pitiful to see, and she went crazy. Pecola’s journey for personality was characterized by her everlasting longing to be cherished. Her motivation in life was to be excellent and to be adored, yet her family and the group made it inconceivable for her. Accordingly, Pecola neglected to set up her own personality in the general public.

Cholly Breedlove’s Quest for Identity:

Cholly Breedlove, the father of Pecola additionally did not have his individual personality and self-regard. He was destined to an unwed mother. His dad fled the day of his introduction to the world. This horrendous start of his life reflects in his ordinary activities and in his perspectives. His mom likewise left only him on the planet. Another real reason for Cholly’s destruction was the way the group treated him. They never regarded him, and discussed him in the face of his good faith. Thusly, the group made a joke of his name. In any case, Cholly’s definitive defeat happens at the same time with the assault of Pecola. Along these lines, with that demonstration, Cholly lost all humankind possible and his quest for himself finished in devastation.

Pauline Breedlove’s Quest for Identity:

Pauline Breedlove, the mother of Pecola is another case of the epitome of ‘the journey for personality’. She feels genuinely glad when she works for the white family. It is there and there just that she feels as though she is a piece of something profitable. In her quest for her personality and joy, she took in the distinction amongst herself and whatever is left of the general public. In the meantime, the motion picture theater helped her understand the reasonable distinction amongst her and other ladies. At that point Pauline found out about the physical excellence furthermore realized for what it stood. Back then, physical excellence was the perfect of Shirely Temple magnificence, the condition of fair hair and blue eyes to excellence. The Shirely Temple excellence implied satisfaction, equity, value, and general solace. As Pauline educated these qualities, she landed a position as a dark “mammy” in a white family. At that point she felt as though she was a piece of every one of these qualities, when she was in the organization of her white family. Despite what might be expected, the more she lived with her own dark family, the more she understood how revolting, poor and unworthy they were. After that, Pauline rationally left her family set up of her “ideal life”. Nonetheless, she neglects to understand that by submitting herself to a worker’s life, she will stay just a dark hireling in a white world.


Have the majority of the characters discovered their personality? Pecola Breedlove longed for blue eyes; furthermore longed for the acknowledgment and affection for society seen through her eyes. In any case, she is not acknowledged by society; rather the general public impacts her character. They form her into what she gets to be by not giving her the direction and endorsement she needs. Additionally, Cholly got himself isolated from the group. He is dampened and does a demonstration of brutality, when he understands the discernment the group has of him. In this manner, Pecola and Cholly completed with various results. Pecola was isolated be that as it may, substance, and Cholly was isolated yet unsatisfied.